RNLI 4x4 Challenge

The Coastal Edition


RNLI 4x4 Challenge

The Coastal Edition / 26th - 28th October 2018


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there are 25 places available for grabs! once we have reached this bookings will be closed.

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The Lifeboats Trophy 2018

The Lifeboats trophy 2018 will be a new kind of 4x4 charity event and will not in any way be affiliated with the other events running at present and is not organised by the RNLI. The organisation team whilst being new to organising charity events is not new to organising 4x4 events and follows the simple ethos... "If we wouldn't enjoy it then why organise it"

Obviously the main aim of the event is to raise as much as possible for the RNLI.  


What is it?...


Its a 3 day 4x4 event that will start at the Boat House in Chirk (North Wales Border with Shropshire).

the event is designed to be a test of your on road navigation and your off-road team work and could go anywhere within 1000 miles of the start point.


The event will be structured in a way where teams must complete set challenges to build on a total of points which at the end will win you the unique and prestigious "Lifeboats Trophy" if you loose you will also be proudly presented with the "Wooden Spoon Prize"  You will be required to bring along your passport should we decide you need to cross the wet bit at any point and if you have a dog please ensure it has a passport too (although we can neither confirm or deny it will be needed)


What kind of challenges should you expect?

well in short if we told you it would ruin one of the main aspects of the event... Mystery. however what we can tell you with confidence is that the challenges will be fun, require team work, be both on and off-road and most of all will leave you with a story to tell in the bar that evening.


Will there be anything outside of the vehicle?

again in short yes but we can't tell you... it will not be physically demanding and it will be optional.


I have never been on this sort of event before is it suitable for me?

Yes, if you have a 4x4 vehicle, a sense of humour and willingness to raise money for the RNLI. The event is designed to be a non-damaging event meaning that if you follow the course and instruction given and mix with a little common sense you will not damage your vehicle. Your vehicle will get muddy and be expected to have at least the event sticker with your team number fixed to it (sticker).


What does "non competitive" mean?

it means we are all in this for the enjoyment of the event, there is obviously a prize for the most points amased. It is very important that before you book you understand that this is not a race, theres is not a cash prize, if you win all you will get is a (we think it an amazing trophy) meaningless trophy that will bring a smile to people or a wooden spoon that cannot be used in the kitchen.


We don't know anyone else taking part will there be social opportunities?

Yes, we come as strangers... we leave as friends


Finally it has been mentioned but in the culture of the day i feel it important to mention that the organisation team is made up of entirely volunteers who will try their best to reply to you as fast as they can but please keep in mind we have lives to live and will try our hardest to ensure you get the best service possible to provide but some times there may be a delay in replies.



Kieran & the team